Thursday, January 29, 2009

Generation X and my old Lodge

Well I went back to the lodge that raised me a couple of weeks ago.......I sought dual membership in another lodge due to the mausoleum-like nature of my mother lodge (i.e., it's nearly dead).
Big mistake. I had to listen to a tirade against the youth of today, "all they want is booze and video games and are not interested in the tenets of masonry...blah blah blah" and "one-day Masons are not brothers and the Vancouver lodges just run hundreds of them through and too many of these wave a dues card in my face" etc etc ad nauseum.
So here I sit, the current Senior Deacon of one of those slandered lodges, ready to throw my apron on the alter, sign out and go berserk with the Tylers sword. However calmer thoughts prevailed and I merely left as soon as the interminably boring and pointless meeting was over.

I cannot believe that a PM and former District Deputy would engage in such un-Masonic slander. It is also mind-boggling that some members, while bemoaning the slide towards oblivion by lodges such as this one, still refuse to appreciate what strengths young men of today can bring to a lodge.
No young Mason asks that the ancient landmarks be changed, none are begging for beer kegs and strippers, and yet too many older brothers view these young men as cowans, thieves and interlopers.
This must stop before we alienate an entire generation.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A great post by a good brother

You know it's a genuine relief when you read a calm and measured voice like that of Freemason from a Freestate.
I have been trying to hold my tongue while listening to the ongoing political sniping among brothers and it is heartening to read another brother's strong voice for reconcilliation and a call to remember our obligations and teachings.
It's worth a look.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Nearing the end......

At last and finally we are nearing the end of the obscenity that has become our presidential elections.
Tens of millions are spent on lowest-common-denominator advertising and one can only watch as we slowly but surely drag ourselves closer and closer to tearing this nation apart once and for all. Both parties, let me say this again....BOTH parties have felt it more important to engage in forms of character assassination and spin-doctoring rather than really address the issues that are in desperate need of attention.
Is it too much to ask that Masons try and discuss the issues rationally and without the rancor that seems to be so pervasive at this time?
It's tiring to read "Masonic" blogs where a brother states that he hopes you will make sure you vote, doesn't mind which side of the issues you stand, but then immediately goes on to say that a vote for one side or the other will fling open the gates of hell, end civilization as we know it and usher in the dawn of whatever it is most heinous and repulsive.
If we, as men who supposedly accept all races, creeds and truly stand by our obligations, cannot lead by example, then what good are we?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prince Hall regularity and recognition

I have been reading the blogs from Brother Milliken regarding Prince Hall and racism within Mainstream Masonry.
As I go through the chairs I have become more and more concerned over the future of our fraternity. I have finally come to the decision that the point needs to be forced at Grand Lodge.
I plan on proposing that the GL of Washington withdraw recognition to any GL that does not recognize Prince Hall Masonry as regular.
I have been told that this is tantamount to dropping a bomb on GL, but I strongly believe the stain on Masonry must come to an end.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The path of Freemasonry?

After receiving another ultra right-wing email forwarded to me by the secretary of my Scottish Rite Valley, I am nearly ready to demit from the Scottish Rite.
I am increasingly apalled at the intolerant, bigoted and racist attitudes of many of my AASR brothers. At the reunion where I received the degrees of the Scottish Rite, I left the lunch table after listening to many brothers loudly condemning "ragheads and faggots" and that Democrats were unpatriotic and should be shot for not supporting the war in Iraq.
I wrote the Supreme Grand Commander, but do not expect to receive a reply......and still have not although 3 months have passed.
As a Scottish Rite Mason I swore to uphold freedom of conscience, religion and expression, to safeguard the seperation of church and state. From what I have seen, these oaths are worthless to too many of the SR.